Norfolk, VA, is a beautiful city, not least because it sits so close to the beautiful Elizabeth River. Its proximity to the river makes it an ideal home for boat owners. If you’ve purchased a boat to take out on the water for fun, relaxation, or business purposes, you want that boat to stay as beautiful as the water it occupies for years to come. That’s why you should seek out a professional-quality boat wrap that covers vulnerable structures and offers eye-catching images.

DC Design and Media can help you achieve that goal as the trusted source for boat wraps in Norfolk and other parts of Virginia. Our skilled, experienced technicians use only the finest materials, inks, printing tools, and digital design technologies to give our clients spectacular, long-lasting results.

Why You Should Wrap Your Boat

When you bought your boat, you might have assumed that all it needed was an ordinary coat of marine paint to keep it looking good. However, wrapping your boat can provide some clear, significant advantages over doing the bare minimum. Let’s examine some of these benefits up close..

  • A gorgeous personal statement: A full-color wrap graced by your favorite images lets you express your individuality among all the other boats out there. Our design team can create custom boat wraps in Norfolk based on your concepts, preferences, and personal style.
  • A powerful marketing tool: Custom boat wraps in Norfolk can boost your business’s brand image and visibility. Think about all the potential customers who might be out on the water with you—and now imagine how they’ll respond to your company’s color scheme, logo, catchphrase, and contact info when they see them emblazoned on your boat.
  • Valuable protection: You paid a pretty penny for that boat, so don’t entrust it to simple marine paint. A laminated vinyl boat wrap can provide years of crucial additional protection against the elements, from corrosives and floating objects to ultraviolet radiation.

Boat Wrapping Explained

Boat wraps consist of vinyl sheets cut into segments. You can order a total exterior boat wrap, a partial boat wrap, or an interior boat wrap for your cabin. We can create your design from ready-made templates or create it from scratch. Our large-format printers then print the design on to the vinyl, with strong, durable adhesives securing it to the boat.

Common Questions and Concerns About Boat Wraps

As a responsible boat owner, it only makes sense that you’d want to get any questions or concerns addressed. Let’s start with some of the more common ones.

How long do boat wraps last? A boat wrap made from high-quality vinyl and applied with professional skill can easily provide up to seven years of beauty and protection—often outlasting marine paint. When it finally needs replacing, we can do that easily. 

How do I protect my boat wrap from harm? Routine maintenance mainly consists of cleaning, which is as easy as wiping it down with soap, water, a soft towel, and if necessary, a soft-bristled brush. Keeping your boat garaged when not in use will minimize fading from the sun.

How much do boat wraps cost? The cost of your boat wrap will depend on such factors as the extent of the boat wrap and the degree of personalization you want. You can keep costs to a minimum by going with a template-based partial boat wrap, or you can invest more in a full exterior/interior boat wrap based on a custom design.

Trust DC Design and Media

DC Design and Media is your best solution for boat protection wrapping in Norfolk. We have comprehensive skills and knowledge in the creation and application of all kinds of vehicle wraps. We take full accountability for the result we deliver to our clients while also offering first-class customer care. Check out these testimonials:

  • “I could not be happier with the results of their product, the outcome of the vehicle, and the staff that works there.” -Robert B.
  • “Amazing work and I’m happy I chose them.” -Matt L.
  • “Best in the whole area in customer service, product, delivery time, everything!” -Cailey D.
  • “Very impressed with the quality of the design, the attention to detail and the customer service!” -Tony A.

Start Your Boat Wrapping Journey Today

Now that you understand the reasons to protect and enhance your boat with a professional-quality wrap, you’re ready to consult the boat wrapping pros that Norfolk, VA, trusts. Contact DC Design and Media today so we can discuss your project with you and give you a quote!