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Our Process

  1. You’ll contact DC Design
    1. We’ll collect your information (phone, email, company), project information, referral source

  2. DC Design provides you with a job estimate
    1. 50% deposit will be required with an approved and signed estimate prior to DC Design starting the design process & revisions.
    2. You have the option of requesting 3 free revisions before revision fees are applied ($50 per any extra revision after 3).

  3. DC Design schedules your consultation (in house, or via screen sharing or telephone)
    1. We’ll discuss installation options (whether at our facility or at your location) and removal of old wrap.
    2. We’ll confirm your details. For a more efficient, productive consultation, you can send us the following info beforehand: company name/phone/website; vehicle information and quantity; your logo (including color patterns), certification badges and/or social media icons on a EPS or vector file; high resolution pictures or images; list of services; slogan. Send via email, including attachments.
    3. There are steps in this process that we cannot rush, such as the printing process, waiting for the graphics to out gas, preparation of vehicles, and installation. But the process can be shortened by sending this information in advance so that our creative team can review and have a clear picture of your project.

  4. Approve design
    1. You can fax or email us a signed copy of final proofs so the project can be moved to production.
    2. The production process begins when the vehicle drop off date is scheduled.

  5. Vehicle drop off
    1. Clean as required, based on the scope of the project: remove emblems, window sills, door handles, antenna, and/or rear-view mirrors. Pressure wash vehicles.
    2. Vehicle must arrive free of decals and adhesive residue, or there is a clean up fee of $75 per hour to remove any remaining residue.

  6. Installation
    1. We’ll do a walk through and installation review with you.
    2. Collect 50% remaining balance

  7. Vehicle pick up