If you’re a proud new Virginian boat owner, you probably can’t wait to take your vessel out on the water and enjoy countless hours of fishing, entertaining, waterskiing, and other fun activities. If you own a business, you might be eyeing the hull of your boat as free billboard space. If so, you should look into the considerable benefits of installing a vinyl boat wrap. Boat wraps not only look stylish, but can also offer protection to your investment.

You’ve probably seen vinyl wraps on cars, delivery vans, and other four-wheeled vehicles. Sophisticated printing machines produce large, colorful sheets of vinyl, which are then custom-cut and applied with a non-destructive adhesive. The same basic technology and processes apply to boat wraps in Virginia Beach, VA, and elsewhere.

Types of Boat Vinyl Wraps

Boat wraps in Chesapeake, VA, and other Virginia cities come in three primary types. A full exterior wrap covers the entire hull. A partial wrap covers only one small area of the boat, with boat owners often applying them to add colorful accents in strategic areas. An interior wrap lives up to its name by decorating and protecting your cabin and other interior spaces.

If you want to protect your entire hull or make it stand out from the crowd with vivid colors, go for a full exterior wrap. If you’re already happy with your boat’s paint scheme but you want to add eye-popping logos and other enhancements, add one or more partial wraps to your boat. If you have a fishing boat, an interior wrap can help make the cabin easier to clean while also sporting fun fish-motif images.

Boat Wraps Cost

How much do boat wraps in Norfolk, VA, or other parts of Virginia cost? The amount you’ll pay will depend on the size of your boat, the amount of customization involved, and the products you select. However, you can control some of the cost factors through the choices you make. For instance, you might get your desired results from a partial wrap instead of a full exterior wrap, or you might select a template instead of requesting a custom design. Talk to a reputable vinyl wrap provider about your specific needs to get a reliable estimate.

What Are the Advantages of Boat Wraps?

Why should you choose a boat wrap instead of simply slapping a coat of marine paint on the hull? Vinyl boat wraps actually offer some distinct advantages over other protective and/or cosmetic treatments, including:

Cost effectiveness: Depending on the size of your vessel and the type of product you choose, a boat wrap can cost 30 percent less than a traditional marine paint job.

The perfect look: Do you have an elaborate design scheme in mind for your boat but have no idea where you’ll find an artist who can apply it perfectly? A printed vinyl wrap can capture even the most detailed logos or designs with the utmost precision. Don’t know where to start? Our skilled graphic design team will help to spark your creativity.

Eco-friendliness: Unlike marine paint, vinyl wraps won’t leach toxins into the water over time, preserving the health and safety of the aquatic environment.

Damage prevention: A vinyl wrap offers an extra degree of protection against scuffs, scratches, and other forms of surface damage. If the vinyl becomes damaged, skilled technicians can replace it with ease.

How Long Do Boat Wraps Last?

Even after considering all these positive points, a skeptical voice in your head may be saying, “Yes, but how long do boat wraps last?” A boat wrap from a reputable maker can easily outlast marine paint, giving you five to seven years of service before you need to replace it. (Some vinyl wrap products even include a seven-year warranty for additional peace of mind.) Since wrapping a boat can also prove cheaper than painting it, you’re getting more years of service for a smaller investment.

Why Choose DC Design and Media?

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